Super 3&4 App

Super 3&4 App

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A powerful Pick 3&4 lottery App proven to work on ALL U.S.A Pick 3&4 games. Super 3&4 works to reduce your odds and put the game more in your favor not theirs! 

Put the Pick 3&4 lottery on auto-pilot by letting the App do most the work. The Super 3&4 is the only lottery App to turn the Pick 3&4 to an easy to win and fun game.

Super 3&4  does most of the work for you to win the Pick 3&4 lottery time and time again and it's NOT rocket science. You don't need to be a mathmetician  No effort is needed no system to learn. The app does most the work for you. With this app you can see where your numbers at and when they are due. best part is you can test when you  subscribe. Its a 30 day free trial.

Must take a look at our TYNIC SYSTEM. We created a very powerful STRATEGY WITH THE SYSTEM.

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Statistics Feature 

The Statistic feature is Very Powerful. It basically shows the statistics of our selected picks. 
Example Pick4 

1. 34XX 
2. 57XX 
3. 25XX 
4. 78XX 

When you click on statistics link it will take you here below 

So it actually show you when the selected picks from 1. 2. 3. And 4. So if you look at the statistics #1. And # 3 is due so you can make the selected picks on 1. and 3.  For Your key  numbers 
1. 09XX 
3. 14XX 

Or since the whole group is due. You can use key numbers from 1. 2. 3. and 4.

1. 09XX 
2. 54XX 
3. 14XX 
4. 08XX 

So if you take a look all 4 is due. 

That means two digits is do from 1. 2. 3. And 4 

For best results use all four since group is due ..Using this feature reduce the amount of numbers you have to play.


Super Wheel feature 

So we added 3 numbers to make a 4 wheel ..If you noticed that our Super wheels use the same numbers from top 3&4 feature. You can also use the statistics feature to see what group of numbers you want to wheel. 

Super wheels give you a major advantage because you are wheeling 1 or 2 numbers that comes up the most.

Again you can wheel all the groups or 1 or 2 ..



Top 3&4 & Hot 7  feature

Ok if you take a look at picture 

The whole group is due from us checking the statistics. So if you look at # 2. 54 and then check the pattern below you can see that numbers 5 and 4 is due from checking out its pattern 

So by checking the pattern 5 and 4 is definitely your key numbers. You can choose the other 2 numbers from pattern. 

Now just remember this is the statistics for pick 4 . If it  was Pick 3 and you had 2 digits that would leave you with only 10 numbers to hit. .Example 
If you knew that 36 was coming out  for pick 3 from looking at statistics and pattern, if you played. 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369 to get a win.  But it even get better for pair  players . 3 6 is key numbers.


Pattern Statistics feature 

Once you click on link for pattern strategy it will bring you to this below 

So if you look at the picture carefully in singles ..2 digits from pattern strategy probable number  is due. 
Here's a picture to see 

It means any 2 of the 4 is due together.