California--has 39 #fantasy 5
Colorado--  has 32 # co cash 5
Connecticut has 35 # name ct cash 5
Florida has 36# name fl fantasy 5
Georgia has 36# name Ga fantasy 5
Illinoise has 39# name little lotto
Indiana has  36  name lucky 5
Iowa has 35# name Ia cash game
Louisiana has 37# name la easy 5
Massaschusett has 35# name ma mass cash
Michigan has 39# name mi fantasy 5
Minnessota has 47# name golfer 5
Mn Northstar cash it has 31#
Missouri has 39# name mo show me cash
Montana has 37# name is Mt cash
Nebraska has 38# name is Ne pick 5
New jersey has 40# name Nj cash 5

Pro Cash 5 is your best companion for US Cash 5 lottery.

You will enjoy the following features by using this app:
- Get latest Cash 5 draw results for all US states
- Calculate frequency and ranks of all Cash 5 digits (0-43)
- Calculate frequency and ranks from user input
- Show your lucky number

Ranks and frequency has been the secret to playing and winning more when it comes to any Cash 5 game. Our app is based on a 10 draw rank and frequency system. Basically 7 to 10 ranks don't even show up in 10 draws. So imagine eliminating 7 to 10 and sometimes up to 15 ranks.
Most of the time ranks 1 to 20 comes out the most based on a 10 draw frequency & rank system.

You also can use the rank calculator for back testing..for the best results do 50 draws or more  back test.
We are unable to support the state of Tennessee but will let you know when its available

Down below is supported states

Pro Cash 5

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Super 3&4

New mexico has 37# name is Nm roadrunner cash
New York has 39# name Ny take 5
North Carolina has 39# name nc cash 5
Ohio has 39# name is oh rolling cash 5
Oklahoma has 36# name  Ok cash 5
Pennsylvania has 43# name pa cash 5
South Carolina has 38# name Sc palmetto cash 5
South Dakota has 35# name Sd Dakota cash
Texas has 37# name Tx cash 5
Virginia has 34# name Va cash
Washington has 39# name Wa hits 5

Wisconsin has 31# name Wi badger 5